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Tripod double per kalimin e personave te autorizuar per institucione, SSD - Security Solution & Distribution

SSD - Security Solution & Distribution



Tripod double per kalimin e personave te autorizuar per institucione



ENERGY : 100-240 V AC


BODY: 1.20 mm, 304 quality stainless steel or electrostatic paint on sheet metal



CONTROL: Dry contact or 3-50 V DC pulse for transition triggering, TTL, CMOS or RS232-RS422-485 with direct PC control can be used. 256 turnstiles can be controlled with a single PC. It can be easily connected to any access control unit and other peripherals.

SYSTEM: It is designed as microprocessor controlled. It works both ways. It only allows one person to pass. There is a data output in the passed direction. This output can be a digital output or it can be sent directly to the PC in PC control. The system performs mechanical movement damping with the absorber unit. In the event of a power failure, the arms automatically move to the free position in both directions.

EMERGENCY MODE: It is possible to control by connecting to security systems (automatic free passage mode in emergency, fire alarm situations).

INDICATORS: Three-position light indicator provides access control of the system. If the turnstile is ready to pass, the green arrow flashes. When the pass is granted, the green arrow lights up continuously. As soon as the turnstile is passed, the red "X" sign lights up for the opposite direction, indicating that the passage is prohibited at that moment.

SPECIAL DESIGN: Thanks to its original design, it offers a decorative appearance with a soft and silent transition.

APPLICATIONS (Optional): There are optional cover alternatives. In line with special demands, the desired supply voltage conditions can be provided. Appropriate solutions can be produced according to the needs.